Track Your Trades

TrackTrade is a powerful cloud-based job management software system designed to streamline and track all processes from the quote, through to invoicing. Using smart phones or mobile devices, your field technicians or tradesmen can immediately share job information with office staff; saving time, eliminating paperwork and minimising costly mistakes. You’ll always know where your staff are, what they’re working on, and when they finish.

Scouting The Location

Google street view is integrated into our software, allowing you to pre-plan before arriving.

  • Check access before arriving
  • Plan parking
  • Survey access requirements
  • Measure building dimensions
  • Plan materials in advance
  • Check roofs via satellite imaging
  • Preplan jobs with staff

Easy Job Creation

Create a job quickly using your own stored job templates and quotations for common job types.

  • Set job priorities
  • Flag emergency jobs
  • Duplicate job finder
  • Multi job creation
  • Auto insertion of repetitive data
  • Jobs grouped by work order
  • Add job spec templates
  • Find records easily with our job browser
  • Assign work to worker groups by skill or team

Create Job Templates

Build detailed job specs based on quotations, even import detailed tender docs.

  • Devise task checklists
  • Quotations become work orders
  • Import / edit / store templates
  • Trades staff sign off work confirming all tasks have been completed
  • Trades can amend m2 values
  • Additional work must be signed off and approved
  • Signature capture

Detailed Audit Trails

Every job on TrackTrade has an extensive audit trail, detailing every action by staff.

  • Track staff GPS logs on every completed job
  • Time and date stamped audit trail
  • See every change to a job record
  • See who entered each change
  • View start and end times
  • View travel times
  • Run time sheet reports for all staff
  • Run audit reports by staff member

Every Picture Tells A Story

Our software compresses images from staff smartphones to reduce costs and allow fast transmission or uploads.

  • Images reduced to 1/50th normal file size without impacting resolution
  • Before & After images captured
  • Works on all operating systems
  • Office can see images taken instantly
  • GPS co-ordinates logged on the job record with every image
  • Images can be taken in the field using ANY smartphone or tablet
  • Money is NOT wasted on expensive data usage charges

Office Dashboard

The days activities are summarised on a single screen, showing all field workers and their current activities.

  • Problem job flagging / counter
  • Staff activity summarised as being “Idle”, “Travelling” or “On a job”
  • Drill down on any job for detail
  • Job costing and invoicing backlog counter displayed on dashboard
  • Jobs complete KPI displayed
  • Accessible with any web browser
  • Most clients leave the dashboard displaying on a standard LCD TV in the office

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