Let Hawk Crunch The Numbers 

“Hawk” is a powerful used handset pricing module, that will automatically value complex lists of used smartphones all with different cosmetic grades, account lock status and fault conditions .

Value Complex Used Stock Lists

Value complex lists with thousands of devices, all with different faults & cosmetic grades.

  • Import from csv or excel
  • Intelligent field mapping
  • Model error corrections
  • Valuation depending on faults
  • Cosmetic grading impact on value
  • Run detailed reports on any batch of used phones
  • Get auto warnings on account locked units
  • See working and faulty prices to compare

Map Fail Codes By Client

Every customer has different codes and jargon, Hawk maps these for future reference.

  • Customisable per client
  • Ensure accurate fault grading
  • Account locked protection
  • Smashed LCD screen analysis
  • Motherboard fail avoidance
  • Ensure stock is valued fairly
  • Checked against market rates for faulty stock against competitors

Get Insights Into Each Batch

Once a batch has been valued, get insights into stock condition and average handset age etc…

  • Average handset age reported
  • Account locked device %
  • Fault analysis graphed
  • Drill down on any make / model for 5 year price trends
  • Total batch valued per IMEI depending on cosmetic condition and faults

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