Automated Procurement Systems

“Athena” is a procurement system, automatically forecasting stock levels and creating weekly online auctions. Athena integrates with most accounting systems such as: SAP, Navision, Xero, QuickBooks, and Sage.

Instant Stock Tenders

Athena can import a stock list in most formats, then create a tender based upon your forecast.

  • Error correction
  • Import / export module
  • Capacity, colour and dual sim match
  • Convert customer stock codes to your own stock / SKU codes
  • Margin history on each part number
  • Quality stats per make / model
  • RFQ win rates data
  • Create final RFQ for suppliers to bid on
  • Integration with finance to auto create invoices and PO’s

Control Margins and Quality

Set strict targets for gross margin, quality and win rates.

  • Insights margin dashboard per part number
  • Set minimum gross margins
  • Set quality stats
  • Decide the surveillance period to monitor KPI over
  • Spot problem stock lines to avoid
  • Eliminate “LOSS LEADERS”

Supplier Bid Dashboard

See all your suppliers bids summarised on a single dashboard.

  • Override best bid selection
  • Select winning bids
  • Review Supplier KPI
  • Create quotations to resell
  • Auto create PO’s to procure

Financial Trends

Spot financial trends on each part number / make or model.

  • View price history graphs
  • See weights & dims
  • Gather detailed specifications
  • Margin performance

Quickbooks Integration

Hook up Athena to your finance systems to auto generate invoices and purchase orders to suppliers.

  • Auto email purchase orders
  • Auto invoice stock
  • Integrate goods in / out
  • See PAID flags from finance systems
  • Select stock grades at best prices

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