Track Your Assets

Bloodhound is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that provides asset management tracking for large quantities of devices. The system tracks gadgets through the entire recycling or repair process,  ensuring compliance with EU data, disposal or recycling legislation.

A Mini P&L Emailed on Every Batch Completed

See how the company is performing on a batch by batch basis.

  • Individual staff sales KPI
  • Costs of goods analysed
  • Gross margin per batch / IMEI
  • Comparison to market valuation
  • Returns & refund analysis
  • Materials and labour costs tracked
  • Auto emails management team a mini P&L for every batch completed

Making Sure Every Single IMEI Arrived

Bloodhound verifies every batch at goods in to ensure what’s received is exactly what was bought .

  • Auto book-in against pre-alert files
  • IMEI verification
  • Missing unit reports
  • Model mix discrepancy reporting
  • Stock condition verification
  • Make sure goods are as purchased
  • Calculates a total shortfall value
  • Every IMEI reconciled against fault and cosmetic expectations

Ensuring Quality Meets Your Expectations

Bloodhound shows the fault status and quality of every batch received against expectations .

  • Faults by type are graphed
  • Account locked tracking
  • Condition report versus expectations
  • Protection against “buying a lemon”
  • Avoid overpaying for a used phone batch
  • Detailed evidence reports to justify refunds from suppliers

New – Data Wipe Certification

We’ve added a new GDPR module that ensures there is a data wipe certificate for every device processed.

  • Integrates with most MIL spec data wipe systems
  • PDF certificate stored
  • Audit history shows data wipe activities
  • Add video files & photos
  • Staff legal data wipe disclaimers
  • Batch wipe statistics dashboard
  • Certificate of destruction for un-wiped devices
  • GDPR compliant

Audit Trails for EVERY Asset

Bloodhound creates a detailed audit trail detailing all staff activities per individual IMEI.

  • Time and date stamped
  • Tracks staff activity per asset
  • Download as PDF or Excel
  • Easily audit an asset at any time
  • Data wipe disclaimers stored
  • Staff digital signatures stored
  • Every stage tracked from start to finish

Focus On High Value Devices

Knowing the market value for every asset means your people focus on processing high value devices.

  • Account locked device tracking
  • Prioritises workloads on handset value
  • Valued depending on faults
  • Recalculates if devices are repaired
  • Tracks parts and labour costs
  • Market value per individual IMEI
  • Sets “Reserve” sales price per batch

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